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Weekly Video Post: about Teamwork…

May 21st, 2009

Here’s this week’s video post in our series about leadership, HR, performance and teams…

Not all of the videos posted are of educational content. Sometimes, a demonstration can be stronger than the latest PowerPoint presentation by THE Leadership Gourou…

Whether you chose to use it or not, to please your eye or for your one-person-show in front of your staff next week, please enjoy this week’s post and don’t forget to comment!

Thank you for watching this video post and see you next week.

Until then, may your week be truly engaging… and may your comments get flourishing!

Weekly Reading List - Week 20

May 16th, 2009

Here is your weekly reading list for week 20 of 2009, your sixth categorised summary of all the HR, Leadership, Team performance and People management activity on the blogosphere and news-sites this year. We keep trying to deliver you the most relevant articles, in a form that allows you to judge and see only those that are most relevant to you.

Let me start with a quick post on Pandemic preparedness resources for the Swine Flu in the workplace (Eric Davis). Quite a good place to go if you are in a region that is facing cases of the illness.

Now, your classified reading list:

Some Crisis and some Post Crisis notes, comments and posts:

A few thoughts about sourcing - Recruitment, Succession Planning and Career Management:

Some general Human Resource stuff:

Creativity - a process to generate it in your workplace:

Communication and Harmony in the workplace:

Leadership: sources of it and tips to achieve it…

An interesting article on how HR was REALLY used in a strategic way:

Yet again, gender in the workplace:

Teams, team-building, brain-storms and constructive arguments:

Organisational Culture and happiness at work:

Generations in the workplace:

Engagement or how to motivate people to work (and keep working) well for you:

A few notes on strategic use of reward and remuneration (a very academic looking model by Brendan too):

And let’s conclude with a few notes on L&D in the workplace…

May your week be truly engaging… and may your comments get flourishing!

Your Weekly Quote: Ghosts of Leadership Past

May 14th, 2009

There was no TV or cable news or BlackBerrys. Leaders weren’t multitasking; they had time to reflect.

Extracted from Harvard Business Review, April 2009, Vol. 87, Iss. 4 (Leadership from Abraham Lincoln, p. 46)

This is a new weekly post on the Staffdoor blog. A new quote on Leadership, Teams or Organisations, found and extracted for you from multiple and diverse sources. 52 quotes a year, for use in the office or on your PowerPoint presentations.

In order not to miss a single post from this blog, add it to your RSS feed now.

Until next time, may your week be truly engaging… and may your comments get flourishing!

Weekly Video Post: Creating an Innovation Mindset

May 13th, 2009

Hello again to the Weekly Video Post - where we seek, find and deliver useful videos on leadership, HR and teams. This week, we’re exploring the question of organisational innovation in an amazing post by Harvard Business Publishing.

In shore: “An interview with Vijay Govindarajan, Professor, Tuck. To create an innovation mindset, managers must bring in fresh voices from outside their company, encourage collaboration, and consider how emerging markets’ needs can spur ideas for innovative offerings.”

And Here’s the video:

Thank you for watching. New video next Wednesday.

May your week be truly engaging… and may your comments get flourishing!

Weekly Reading List - Week 19

May 8th, 2009

After a few weeks of break, we’re back with your Weekly Reading List: the ultimate way, to find and read only those articles that are relevant to you and your field of interest.

This week, a lot of focus has been placed on the blogosphere about personal behavior and leadership in the current economy. Enjoy your reading and don’t hesitate to comment, either on the content or the form of this blog post.

With people talking about recovery, crisis talk is decreasing steadily:

Some interesting articles about recruitment, CVs and the employer brand:

And some articles about employee termination and employee departure:

Two interesting general HR articles:

As promised: Leadership & Change Management:

Career Management and Personal Performance:

Best Practices when it comes to communication in the workplace:

HR 2.0 - Social Networks in the People Management Function:

Reward & Benefits (in the broader sense of the term) being used as strategic tools:

Learning & Development - new views, old ones in new packages:

Employee Engagement - a growing topic in these difficult conditions:

And to conclude, our usual “gender in the workplace” section:

Followed by the also usual “generations in the workplace” one:

Since people are not very keep on talking about team-roles on the blogs I follow (and that is quite a significant number already), let me just finish by quoting a sentence found on Fistfuloftalent:

You know why people spend so much time and money on tests like the Myers-Briggs and the DISC profile?  Because what makes you successful today won’t necessarily make you successful tomorrow, and one way to hedge against that risk is to have a balanced team that complements each other..

That’s it for this time. See you next week and may your week be truly engaging… and may your comments get flourishing!

Weekly Video Post - A small Introduction to Belbin Team-Roles

May 7th, 2009

Following my last post, which I hope you did enjoy, I am posting a short video on Belbin Team-Roles, one of my areas of specialization. It will allow you to better understand what the different roles are and how you can get them to efficiently work together in an organization.

Do watch it if you’re interested in the team roles. I will be posting more on team roles in the next few weeks.

May your week be truly engaging… and may your comments get flourishing!

Who to keep and who to get on board during the crisis to prepare for the aftermath?

May 5th, 2009

“Our people are our greatest assets!” One of the most repeated and paraphrased statement in the corporate world is becoming increasingly central to the way organizations face the current economic storm… Most obviously so in the way they downsize and lay people off.

Let me underline and put my sarcasm in big, bold letters here. For those who follow downsizing RSS feeds, it is becoming increasingly clear that only a handful of companies are using the crisis to better equip themselves to face the future and prepare for recovery. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about:

1. Being alive after the storm.
2. Being in a better shape than all the other wrecks after the storm. (Fiat seems to be doing quite well in that field actually)

This basically (and quite obviously) means that downsizing strategies will only help keep afloat.  And unless They’re carefully thought over and performed smartly, could seriously damage the company’s ability to cope once the trouble is gone. Nothing new, it’s all been said before…

So who should the company keep, recruit and get on board to be ready once the trouble is gone?

A typical answer for this kind of question is the notorious, Business-School type, “it depends” answer. Well, yes, it will of course depend on what your company does, and who your customers are and what your long-term strategy is…

Most importantly, however, what is going to differentiate your company from its competitors after the crisis is the way it is going to adapt to the new environment; What is going to make you better is how well you figure out what the new situation is, what it requires and how you can best address the new challenges ahead, regardless of the industry you’re in!

After the crisis, a big dose of creativity will be required in your management teams and you will have to make sure you get those creative people in before the competition does.

In Belbin-Speak, that means: “Get those Plants in your teams NOW! After the crisis, when the talent pool dries again, it will be too late!” Start hiring the best innovators, the best idea generators… they will be the ones that will help you get back on track (once the track is back).

The “Belbin Team Roles” theory argues that 9 roles are needed to get your teams to work optimally and efficiently, generating ideas and harmoniously taking them through the process of turning them into reality.

For a harmonious recovery, if you’re already using Belbin’s theory in your recruitment policies, don’t forget about getting all nine roles in. But do also think of how you can best attract and get those brains in.

May your week (and your recovery) be truly engaging… and may your comments get flourishing!

Weekly Video Post: Why Team Velocity Slows down

April 8th, 2009

Welcome to this week’s video post. In an I.T. oriented presentation, “Max” covers the reasons why team speed is directly related to the size of the teams. Do watch it with an open mind, and try to find how it applies to your industry! Although slightly technical and geeky, I personally found it extremely enriching!

At this point, I would like to sincerely appologise to all of you who missed my weekly reading list last weekend. I do promise to catch up with it this week. Part of my excuse (I know, they don’t work) is in the fact that I did spend quite some time preparing for my next hosted article, which should show up in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience, thanks for following Staffdoor and see you this weekend!

In the meantime, may your week be truly engaging… and may your comments get flourishing!

Weekly Reading List (2009/16)

March 28th, 2009

Welcome back! Staffdoor’s weekly reading list, the classified reading list on HR, Teams, Leadership and People explores, every week, what has been said and done on the blogosphere. This week, for some odd reason, the crisis chatter seems to have died down again, with bloggers and journalists much more focused on solutions and analysis! Do enjoy your reading, add us to your RSS feed in order not to miss any of our posts or occasional articles and don’t hesitate to comment!

Let’s start wth the shorterm, nevertheless still present crisis conversation:

An interesting series on creativity, by Mike King. To be continued next week…

Tips, tricks and suggestions on managing the most important person in your organisation, YOU:

Managing people, performance and talent in your organisation:

Leadership, or how to be visible in the organisation:

(c) Theodore

(c) Theodore

Recruitment 2.0 - ultimate solution to the crisis?:

Team, groups and performance:

Strategy and Reward… Increasingly discussed online - a sign of the future?

A discovery in London City - women’s salaries also have issues here (mind me, with the levels of those salaries…):

(c) Theodore
(c) Theodore

As usual, some ideas on our generations in the workplace, with a focus (surprise) on the Ys:

A pair of articles on communication and interaction in the workplace:

Let’s finish with a few lines on HR, Employee Relations,Management and Performance:

Thank you once again for reading this weekly reading post. We hope it is useful to you! Keep in touch for our upcoming article!

May your week be truly engaging… and may your comments get flourishing!

Weekly Reading List (2009/14)

March 27th, 2009

Here it is again, this week’s Staffdoor Reading List, the only weekly categorised reading list for HR, Leadership, Team performance and People management topics on the Internet. Please enjoy your reading and don’t hesitate to comment below or mail us your feedback.

(c) Theodore

(c) Theodore

Lets start, as usual, with the weekly crisis ranting. I really can’t wait for the moment this turns into a recovery ranting:

Very closely associated to the crisis this week, how talent and skill management is (under) used:

Two great articles on change management:

Recruitment, succession planning and employer branding:

Some of the less pleasant parts of the employee relationship: grievance management & Termination:

Nothing on the Y generation in the blogosphere this week, however, two great posts on generations in the workplace:

And a few lines on gender in the workplace (and most particularly the gender salary gap):

Team Performance and :

Leadership & motivation:

(c) Theodore

(c) Theodore

Workplace communication:

Reward & Remuneration:

Learning & Development:

Performance Management:

Interesting publications:

May your week be truly engaging!